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Map of the week: 57% of languages do not have gendered pronouns.

By Lisa Wade, PhD

The map above is an interactive available at the World Atlas of Language Structures.  It represents an extensive, but not quite comprehensive collection of world languages. Each dot represents one. White dots are languages that do not include gendered pronouns. No “he” or “she.” Just a gender neutral word that means person.

The colored dots refer to languages with gendered pronouns, but there are more than one kind, as indicated by the Values key. The number on the right, further, indicates how many languages fit into each group. Notice that the majority of languages represented here (57%) DO NOT have gendered pronouns.

3The map at the site is interactive. Go there to click on those dots and explore.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Also! The ones that do have gendered pronouns MAY NOT HAVE “HE/SHE” as the relevant split!


Liberal vs. Radical Feminism on gender, in a nutshell.

In her book, “Against Our Will”, Susan Brownmiller has a chapter where she looks at what happens to men who are raped in prison. The answer: they often become “feminine” - masochistic, “soft”, delicate etc.

Femininity is internalized abuse. It is the psychology and disposition of a masochist. It is ritualized submission.

It is seen as clearly pathological and unhealthy when manifested in men - those human beings who matter, who are entitled to real dignity. When manifested in women, it is considered “natural” - a reflection of what women really, innately are.

Abolish gender. Women and girls deserve nothing less.

would love to hear thoughts on this


Watch Laverne Cox and bell hooks Talk About Feminism and Pop Culture

by Jamilah King

Feminist theorist bell hooks is back at The New School for another week-long residency that includes public discussions with high profile folks of color. On Tuesday, she sat down with actress Laverne Cox for a wide-ranging conversation about feminism, pop culture, and Cox’s hit series “Orange is the New Black.”  [Click here to watch conversation at Colorlines.]


In Dhaka I met Bibi Russell, designer and vigorous defender of the handloom weavers, whose craft has made a unique contribution to Bengali art and tradition……..She wears a dramatic blue and green saree, hand- loom cloth, which cost 145 taka - itself the most eloquent tribute to the beauty of the work of people she wants to rescue from the demoralisation we saw in Shahjatpur. [X]

"The garments industry is here only for cheap labour. They say we cannot produce the fabric. It is a lie. I show nothing that I cannot produce here." Bibi Russell quoted in [X]

Bibi Russell.

I quite like the gamcha as headgear. Especially when it is co-ordinated with the sari.

Bibi Russell’s clothes - X and X.


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